Attended Seabrooke Mooney's memorial.

Because she lived in Denver, I didn’t get to see her that much.

I took this photo on March 15th, 2010, when I was driving through Colorado. It’s the last time we saw each other. We were laid out on the roof of her apartment soaking up some sun. We didn’t talk much because we didn’t need to. There was nothing special about this moment other than us.

Facebook status from the day I found out about her death:

This morning I realized my eyebrow hairs are longer and thicker than anything I've grown on top of my head in the last three years. Unfortunate, but not unexpected. Life requires some decline.

Last night I found out an old friend was killed in a bus accident while backpacking in South America. Concerning the incident, I’d like to highlight that she did not die because she was weak or naive. It was a random accident and was just as likely to happen while stateside.

I miss her.

More than my balding scalp I wish living did not require the loss of friends and family. But for the living it does. 

Life does not, however, require the loss of love and joy and a whole lot of other positive things. 

This morning I am having chocolate coconut ice cream for breakfast. It doesn't fix how sad and depressed I am about her death, but I think she’d appreciate the choice I made. 

Lots of love Seabrooke Mooney